KBXT -Kickboxing and Cross Training

We've all seen ads for Kickboxing, MMA, and Martial Arts themed workouts that look fun. We envision ourselves with the strength, confidence, and balance of a fighter. We think about kicking and punching  a target.  It sure does look fun!  Maybe you're not planning on ever getting in the ring, but you are planning to get into shape.  KBXT groups are the spot for you! It's group training with a kickboxing theme.

      KBXT sessions are small group Personal Training sessions. Groups are a minimum of 3 clients and a maximum of 5. This provides you with the encouragement and fun of a group kickboxing class, with the attention and motivation of a private training session. Sessions are modified to fit your experience and goals, allowing all levels to participate at the same time. Having someone with you to monitor your form and safety, design your workout, and provide encouragement will help you work at your best level!
     KBXT sessions include similar drills and bag work used in  regular Aerobic Kickboxing classes, but take it to the next level with cross training intervals, strength exercises, agility exercises, and more. You can expect to work hard and enhance your regular workout routine. Small group training compliments any workout.

     Because of the actual punching bag and focus mitt work in KBXT groups, boxing or MMA style gloves are reccommended.  Most participants prefer to have their own gloves, but loaners are available for use.

All groups have a variety of skill levels included, but some are geared towards a specific goal. We're often more comfortable with others we feel connected to. Sometimes "specialty" groups are available. KBXT groups on the schedule might include the following labels:

NEWCOMERS/BASICS: this group will have more basic combonations and spend adequate time on form. cross training intervals will be  varied. any level could participate, but those new to the groups are often most at ease with others working at the same level. Occasionally a "veteran" will join us, but reservations will only be accepted for people able to be patient with the newcomers!

HIGH INTENSITY : this group is the opposite of the beginner group! We keep the pace at a maximum for those with advanced skills or are highly motivated. Again, combonations and cross training intervals can be modified, but the pace is fast. This group is best for those wanting to work at maximum capacity.

MIXED LEVEL : This one is good for all. We bring out the full bag of tricks to make sure that everyone gets a great workout!

KBXT workouts are $25/pp. Cash or credit card payment is accepted on location.

Please reserve your space in advance by calling (609.577.6378 ) or emailing ( jenine@secondstoryfitness.com ).

Regular KBXT groups currently meet on

Tuesdays at  8:30pm & 9:30am, Saturdays at 8,  9, & 10am , Sundays at  8:30, 9:30, & 10:30am .

Current KBXT groups are meeting in a private studio

adjacent to the Rince o Chroi Irish Dance School  at 4 Tennis Court in Hamilton, NJ.

Email for directions!